From strain development to the finished products

In order to build consumer confidence in all products produced by Cell Biotech, a manufacturer of DUOLAC, a one stop solution has been established that covers the whole process from strain development, experiments on safety and efficacy, including DNA and animal testing, fermentation, production, and packaging of finished products.

From strain development to the finished products

Superiority on Production Technologies

The production technologies of Cell Biotech are done by a manufacturer of DUOLAC
and produced in accordance with global standards through the largest probiotics production facilities in Korea
which possesses capabilities to customize products according to the climates and food cultures of various nations.

Compliance with Global Safety Standards

In order to assure the safety of products effectively,
Cell Biotech has been working to improve the safety of products since 2000
by acquiring global certifications such as HACCP, ISO 9001, Halal and Kosher
to export to more than 40 countries. In order to produce safer products

ISO 9001

The International Standard for Quality Management System established by the International Organization for Standardization


Regulation system to supply safe and clean food by preventing cause of hazard in food manufacturing process in advance


Certifications granted to processed foods according to the Islamic law

Sales and Marketing

DUOLAC probiotics are available at drugstore chains – Watsons, Guardian and Unity.
We are doing probiotic expert marketing to meet the consumers’ needs.
We utilize diverse communication platforms to effectively transfer Cell Biotech’s
differentiated technology and quality excellence while creating a professional identity
through characterizing a premium brand image.