Duolac Influencers

I recently went to a nutritionist to help me recover my energy and after doing 12023 tests we found that I had a leaky gut, very low serotonin and my body wasn’t able to detox itself efficiently. Enter probiotics. They’re basically live bacteria that help keep your gut healthy.

I’ve been trying to build a morning routine that allows me to feel that NO MATTER WHAT ELSE HAPPENS TODAY, I started my day right. I have a chocolate smoothie, a green juice and my current probiotic of choice @duolacsg which is Korea’s number one probiotic, with world patented dual coating technology. I’m happily already noticing difference with my food absorption and mood as I don’t feel as bloated after meals. I need to make my health a priority and that starts with making daily commitments to nourishing my body.

-Ming Bridges, SG Music Artiste.

They say we have two brains – the one in our head and the one in our gut. The former is a busy place as I balance two monkeys and my sanity!
The gut brain I can at least take care of with Duolac, the No.1 Probiotic in Korea, with their dual coating technology that
maximizes the survival rate of the friendly bacteria 100 times higher than that of uncoated ones in the intestine.
Taking probiotics helps maintain the balanced intestinal microflora for a health gut, and a healthy gut is key to better immunity, a healthy bowel function, glowing skin, increased nutritional absorption of food and in short, better overall health!
And, since it’s a natural part of your intestinal system anyway so anyone above 1 year old can take it! Aly can’t swallow capsules yet so I just open a capsule and pour its contents into her milk or juice.

– Jamie Yeo, Singapore Influencer

Having a healthy gut is key to a better lifestyle for you and your family.@Duolacsg is one of the best solution to absorb nutrients from the food we eat. No point feeding ourselves good stuff when our gut can’t absorb it, right?

To ensure that my family and I have healthy bowel action, we take DUOLAC CARE, Korea’s #1 Probiotic with a world patented dual coating technology to maximise the survival rate of probiotics by 💯 times higher than uncoated ones.
I take the capsule whole and for the kids, I open the capsule and add the powder into their milk!@duolacsg is halal, lactose free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

– Michelle Hon, Singapore Influencer


Self-love is so vital to your own happiness. If you don’t feel good about YOU, how can you feel good about anything else? My mom-in-law has always been reminding James & I to eat our probiotics, especially when we travel. I don’t know if you guys make a conscious effort to treat your gut well, but if you’re not already doing so, I’d like to remind you to eat lots of yoghurt, vitagen, kombucha and food in general that is known for being high in probiotics. Do also consider giving @duolac a go! Duolac is Koreans no. 1 probiotic brand that uses world-patented dual coating technology.
– Melissa Koh, Singapore Influencer