Q. What are the differences between DUOLAC’s Coated Probiotics and other Non-Coated Probiotics?

Probiotic lactic acid bacteria are easily destroyed during manufacturing process, room temperature storage, distribution and consumption due to their vulnerability to air, heat, mechanical pressure, moisture and gastric acid and bile salt. Cell Biotech developed the world’s dual coating technology comprised of protein and polysaccharide to minimize destruction of lactic acid bacteria during manufacturing process and distribution.

In particular, DUOLAC’s dual coating technology increase the survival rate* of lactic acid bacteria in the intestine, and the it has been globally recognized and obtained patents in Korea, USA, EU, Japan and China.


* DUOLAC’s Dual coating technology ensures 100 times higher survival rate than uncoated probiotics in the intestine (Resource: Archives of Pharmacal Research, July 2015, Volume 38, Issue 1, pp 1345-1350).

Q. When is the Best time to take Probiotics?

You can take DUOLAC probiotics at any time in virtue of our patented dual coating technology which protects probiotics from the attack of gastric acid. However, Taking probiotics 30 minutes after the meal is still recommended.

Q. Can I get instant effect from Probiotics?

People are so different from others in many points such as intestinal environment, life style and diet which are related with gut health. So, if you keep steady healthy diet and life style, you might see the effectiveness quickly.

Q. What is the principle of DUOLAC TRAVEL?

DUOLAC TRAVEL includes Prolac-T™ which have Bacteriocin that kills harmful bacteria. Also, Tyndallized L. acidophilus discharges LPS and harmful bacteria from the intestine by adhering to them based on its hydrophobic, adhesive property. Accordingly, DUOLAC TRAVEL can helps maintain the balanced intestinal microflora for a healthy gut during the travel.

Q. Is DUOLAC CARE safe for the pregnant women and babies?

In order to more effectively assure the safety of products, Cell Biotech has been working to improve the safety of products since 2000 by acquiring national certifications as well as international certifications, such as Halal and Kosher, to export our products to more than 40 countries. Also, All DUOLAC’s Strains are deposited at the Korean Collection for Type Cultures (KCTC) and DSMZ (Germany). However, pregnant women and babies under the age of 1 are still recommended to get advice from a doctor or health specialist before taking the product.