Dual Coating Technology

DUOLAC improves the stability of lactic acid bacteria with the coating layers of protein and polysaccharide to help them survive gastric acid and reach the intestine.

This technology ensures an optimized delivery system and up to 100 times the efficacy of uncoated bacteria.

Why Dual Coating is important?

When uncoated probiotics are ingested, most of them get killed by the attack of
gastric acid and bile salts and this give us reduced efficacy.
However, patented DUOLAC dual coating system protects probiotics from
gastric acid and bile salts and then release them in the intestine by pH-dependent mechanism.
In this way, DUOLAC probiotics can colonize,
proliferate well in the intestine, and exert beneficial effects.

Protected in Stomach

Released in Intestine

Dual Coating Technology ensures

100 times higher survival rate than Uncoated probiotics in the intestine.

Through real-time PCR technology, the fecal analysis results indicates that DUOLAC Dual coated probiotics which are endured from gastric acid and bile salts have 100 times higher survival rate than uncoated probiotics in the intestine


*Resource: Archives of Pharmacal Research, July 2015, Volume 38, Issue 1, pp 1345-1350

Worldwide Patented Technology

The dual coating technology has been globally recognized and obtained patents in Korea, USA, EU, Japan and China.